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Marble is a precious, bright and hard-wearing material.
Exploiting the properties of this exquisite quality material, C.A.M. Design manufactures stairs of any type and shape.
With machines suitable to realise any curvature, our specialist staff expertly combines aesthetics and functionality, creating harmonic and pleasant ambiances.
  • Spiral stair
  • Stairs and floor made of Cardoso
  • Helical stairs made of Thassos
  • Stairs made of brushed Botticino
  • Stairs made of Botticino
  • Stairs made of quartz
  • Marble stairs and balustrades
  • Marble stairs and balustrades
  • Helical stairs
  • Stairs made of Thassos
  • Stairs made of bianco Carrara
  • Stairs made of quartz
Strada P.le Piano, 4 - 18020 Dolcedo (Imperia) - Italia - (+39) 0183 780236 - (+39) 0183 780436 - 01610950089
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