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In the past, marble was always used only for very classical applications.
Today, however, the flexibility of this material allows us to realise cladding and floors (both indoor and outdoor) that create modern, unique and sophisticated ambiances.

C.A.M. Design is highly creative when it comes to producing marble floors and cladding, realising compositions with a suggestive chromatic effect. Our experience allows us to create and deliver to our customers high-prestige products of excellent quality.
  • Book matching technique in Calacatta - the Devil
  • Floor in Botticino and red Verona
  • Slate with white inset
  • Inlays
  • Designer interiors
  • Book matching technique in Portoro
  • Floor with steel inlays at edges
  • Floor with steel inlays at edges
  • Floor in bronze Amani
  • Floor in green Alpi and Botticino
Strada P.le Piano, 4 - 18020 Dolcedo (Imperia) - Italia - (+39) 0183 780236 - (+39) 0183 780436 - 01610950089
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