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About us
The Cooperativa Artigiana Marmo Design is founded on the experience of a company that has been operating in the territory since 1994.
Equipped with state of the art machinery, our workshop can meet the most diverse demands for applications ranging from the building industry to interior finishes and gardens that require a higher degree of artistry.

With continuous heavy investments we ensure that our facility, machinery and - first and furthermost - our know-how are always up to date when it comes to technological innovation.

C.A.M DESIGN follows all phases of a project’s realisation from the on-site survey to its customized conceptual design, always drawing from extensive experience. Skilled and qualified interior designers and craftsmen with an eye to detail provide advice on the choice of the material to be used, taking into account the environment in which the product will be placed as well as the customer’s individual taste.

Our company is renowned for its numerous unique and elaborate works that breathe life into creations of objects, furniture, floors, bathrooms, inlays and bas-reliefs, exploiting the precision and long-lasting durability of marble.
Strada P.le Piano, 4 - 18020 Dolcedo (Imperia) - Italia - (+39) 0183 780236 - (+39) 0183 780436 - 01610950089
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